General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1 – Information about Sparkx

name onderneming: Sparkx Sportainment Group

BTW-nummer: BE0774.674.266

Rechtspersonenregister: RPR Antwerpen

Adres van de zetel: Scheldeweg 5, 2850 Boom, België

Location Sparkx Park: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 2D, 3500 Hasselt

Phone number: +32 11 15 32 53


Article 2 – Definities

Offer: the offer of Products via the Website or Checkout. The offer is governed by these general terms and conditions.

costumer: Any (legal) person purchasing a Product from Sparkx, placing an order or reservation with Sparkx, and/or requesting a quote from Sparkx, as well as anyone purchasing a Product from Sparkx, placing an order or reservation with Sparkx, and/or requesting a quote from Sparkx on behalf of another (legal) person.

Checkout: a cash register or a QR code at Sparkx Park where customers can purchase an admission ticket.

Agreement:the agreement between Sparkx and the Customer, which is established and governed by these general terms and conditions.

Products:all admission tickets, subscriptions, and other items offered by Sparkx.

Regulation:the current rules and regulations of Sparkx Park that all visitors must adhere to.

Website: de website of Sparkx,

Article 3 – Applicability

3.1. These general terms and conditions apply to every Offer and to all Agreements.

3.2. These general terms and conditions will be made available to the Customer before concluding the Agreement.

3.3. Sparkx reserves the right to amend and/or modify these general terms and conditions at any time. These amended general terms and conditions will apply to every Offer and all purchases of Products after their publication on the Website or Checkout.

3.4. The Customer’s own purchase terms cannot be opposed to Sparkx.

Article 4 – Formation and duration of the Agreement

4.1. The Agreement is established from the moment the Customer accepts the Offer and the general terms and conditions. The purchase of an admission ticket or a subscription implies acceptance of the Regulations applicable to all visitors of Sparkx Park, as well as these general terms and conditions.

4.2. This Offer is reserved for natural persons (adults or at least 16 years old) and legal entities.

4.2. The Agreement and the general terms and conditions remain in effect until all obligations, particularly payment obligations, have been fulfilled.

Article 5 – Prices

5.1. The prices of the Products are as stated on the Website or Checkout at the time the Customer places an order.

5.2. All prices are exclusive of VAT and are expressed in Euros, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the quote, order confirmation, and/or invoice.

5.3. All stated prices, rates, admission tickets, and/or subscription prices are subject to change at any time. These price changes and their effective dates will be communicated on the Website.

Article 6 – Payment

6.1. The Customer can pay for the Products using the payment methods described on the Website through Sparkx’s payment provider or at the Checkout.

6.2. The Customer must pay upon placing the order.

6.3. When purchasing dated admission tickets through the Website, the right of withdrawal does not apply, and these tickets are non-refundable. The Customer can, however, reschedule the chosen time slot to a later available time slot.

6.4. In case of a purchase on invoice by a company for a group visit, the invoice must be paid within 15 days. A partial amount will also need to be paid as a deposit when ordering the admission tickets. If the Customer does not pay on time, the invoice becomes immediately due and the Customer is liable for interest on the delayed amount from the invoice date, as legally specified.

Article 7 – Admission Tickets

7.1. Admission tickets and subscriptions are strictly personal and may not be loaned or transferred under any circumstances. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, duplicate, or counterfeit an admission ticket or subscription in any way.

7.2. Lending an admission ticket to a third party, as well as using or attempting to use an irregular admission ticket, can lead to criminal prosecution. It will also result in immediate confiscation of the admission ticket without possibility of refund, and the Customer remains liable for all damages incurred.

7.3. Sparkx disclaims any responsibility in case of unauthorized use of an admission ticket after its loss or theft, if such loss or theft was not reported to Sparkx beforehand.

7.4. Admission tickets are only valid for the pre-booked timeslot. If the Customer enters Sparkx Park more than 15 minutes later than the reserved timeslot, Sparkx does not provide an extension of the duration of the admission ticket.

7.5. Sparkx reserves the right to change the opening hours of Sparkx Park at any time, without entitling the Customer to any compensation or refund for a purchased admission ticket or subscription.

Article 8 – Account

8.1. After purchasing their admission ticket, the Customer is invited to create a Sparkx account. Dit account kan ook worden aangemaakt ter plaatse voor de Klant het Park betreedtThis account can also be created on-site before the Customer enters the Park.

8.2. Creating an account is required to access Sparkx Park.

Article 9 – Rules and Safety Restrictions

9.1. The Customer acknowledges that by purchasing an admission ticket to Sparkx Park and entering Sparkx Park, they are also bound to comply with the applicable Regulations during their visit. Failure to comply with these Regulations may result in revocation of the admission ticket.

9.2. Additionally, the Customer may not be able to participate in all sports activities due to applicable safety restrictions (height, age, or other conditions as posted in Sparkx Park). The fact that certain sports activities are not accessible to the Customer does not constitute grounds for a refund. If in doubt, the Customer can always contact Sparkx in advance for more information regarding the sports activities and safety restrictions.

Article 10 – Complaints

10.1. If the Customer has complaints, they can contact Sparkx via the following email address:

Article 11 – Privacy

11.1. Sparkx uses customers’ personal data only in accordance with the privacy Policy found on the Website:

11.2. During visits to the park, events, and other activities at Sparkx, it’s possible that photos may be taken and/or recordings made (using cameras other than security cameras). These images will generally be non-directed or non-specific. Only with the consent of the visitor in question will targeted images be taken. For minor visitors, the legal guardian must grant this consent.

At various attractions, photos of visitors are taken, which can be purchased later. Both on the park map and at the attractions, it is stated that photos may be taken. By entering those attractions, visitors accept this. Visitors also accept that other visitors may see the photos taken of them on a screen at the end of the attraction as well as at the photo sales point.

The usage rights of this imagery belong to Sparkx. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customer grants Sparkx permission to use this material without any restrictions, including but not limited to making it fully or partially public and/or reproducing it in all media, including (but not limited to) digital communications, print media, POS materials, on social media, and Sparkx’s website, without further consent or any compensation owed.

Visitors who do not wish for photos/images of them to be used must explicitly notify the reception before entering the park on the day of their visit. Such objection will not affect the images captured by security cameras.

Article 12 – Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

12.1. These general terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. This means that the agreements for the purchase of products and any disputes or claims arising from or in connection with them are governed by Belgian law.

12.2. Only the courts of Limburg, division of Hasselt, have jurisdiction.

Article 13 – Varia

13.1. Notwithstanding the rights and remedies granted to the Customer under applicable law or these terms and conditions, our liability for foreseeable damages is limited to the value of the ordered Products.

13.2. The invalidity of a provision or part of a provision of the Agreement shall not affect the validity of the remaining part of the provision or the rest of the provisions.