About Sparkx

About us

Five Entrepreneurs, One Spark

The story of Sparkx? It starts with a spark. A spark of inspiration.

How great would it be if young and old, friends and family, experienced and inexperienced athletes, all came together under one roof? That’s what we wondered. We? That’s five young Belgian entrepreneurs. We join forces. The spark? It’s immediate. And Sparkx comes to life.

Sports for Every Level with the Help of Technology

At Sparkx, sports are fun. no matter your skill level. The advantage of technology? You can adjust the difficulty of many attractions in a snap. Depending on who’s participating.

Racing your daughter on the climbing wall? A game of Japanese dodgeball with grandma and grandpa? Zooming in the Formula 1 car with your colleague? Sparkx is unique because it creates an accessible and exhilarating sports environment.


36 Attractions and Over 50 Sports

Think you’ve tried everything in sports? Think again. At Sparkx, you can sample over 50 different sports, spread across our 36 attractions. How nice would it be to discover your new favorite sport – regardless of your age? And then keep practicing it, even outside Sparkx?

At Sparkx, you can even try extreme sports. Without needing a plane ticket or performing daring stunts. How about alpine skiing, deep-sea fishing, or paragliding? At Sparkx, it’s all possible.

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