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Boost your health in Sparkx’s culinary zone

Recharge after your athletic performances? In Sparkx’s culinary zone, we indulge your taste buds and your health. On our menu: tasty and healthy products. Sound expensive? Think again! ! At Sparkx, healthy meals, snacks, and drinks are actually cheaper than unhealthy alternatives.

Feeling like a guilty pleasure? We’ve got those too. Enjoy without guilt and burn off those extra calories in no-time on one of our attractions.

Not here to exercise, just to savor all the deliciousness? You’re still very welcome.

Eat healthy at Eeetwell

Sparkx features its own Eeetwell. This food concept brings the best of nature to your plate. Sustainably produced, healthy, and seasonal.

Together with Eeetwell, we aim to contribute to your health and that of our planet. Because every food choice you make impacts your lifestyle, body, and the world around you.

Eating healthy and sustainably has never been so delicious. Taste the pure flavors of nature with our crunchy salads, creamy smoothies, and energizing protein shakes.

Quench your thirst at our sports bar

Feeling thirsty? Or a bit peckish? At our Sports Bar, you can taste the tastiest drinks and snacks that will boost your performance. Enjoying healthily: check!

Feel like indulging after a sweat session? We got your back. Sit down and relax with popcorn and a refreshing drink. You’ve earned it after that top performance!

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