Sparkx rules

Below are the main rules listed for your visit to the Sparkx Park. You can read the complete house rules below. You must read these rules carefully and attentively. By entering the Park, you fully agree to these rules, as well as the Sparkx house rules.

Sparkx Rules

  • Children aged 16 and above may visit the Park without an accompanying adult. Are you under 16 years old? Then there must always be a responsible adult supervisor present. When purchasing an entry ticket for children, you will always be asked to provide the details of the responsible adult supervisor.
  • From the age of 13, children may independently access the attractions in the Park under the responsibility and supervision of a responsible adult guardian. Children under the age of 13 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult guardian when entering the attractions in the Park.
  • Responsible guardians are responsible for the safety of the children under their supervision. Responsible guardians who do not have parental authority over the child declare to be older than 18 years and to have permission from the parents or guardian.
  • All visitors must adhere to all safety instructions in the Park at all times. Sparkx cannot be held liable if the visitor does not adhere to these safety instructions.
  • All visitors enter the Park at their own risk and acknowledge that they have been informed about the potential risks associated with engaging in sports activities in the Park, particularly the real possibility of sustaining injuries inherent to these sports activities.
  • Not all attractions are suitable for everyone, and visitors should be aware of this. Visitors who enter attractions against their health condition (pregnant women, recent hospital patients, asthma sufferers, epileptics, etc.) do so at their own risk.
  • Sparkx is not liable for loss, theft, or damage to belongings on or around the Park and/or an attraction.
  • By entering the Park, the visitor agrees that CCTV footage may be recorded, which may be fully or partially disclosed in accordance with applicable laws, Sparkx’s Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

For any questions, you can approach the Sparkx staff in the Park or send your inquiry to

House rules

For the proper conduct of business, there are house rules that visitors to the park of Sparkx Sportainment Group NV ( hereinafter “Sparkx”) must abide by .


Every visitor is deemed to have taken note of the house rules. The house rules are available at the park reception and on the website. Every visitor entering Sparkx unconditionally agrees to the house rules and should behave accordingly.

Sparkx reserves the right to ban visitors who may pose a danger to the health and safety of other visitors from entering the park. This may be the case when a visitor behaves in a disruptive or nuisance manner, displays cross-border behaviour or is under the influence. However, this is not an exhaustive list of impermissible behaviour.

If a visitor does not comply with the park’s regulations, they may be asked to leave the park. The ticket will not be refunded. In case of repeated problems, access to the park may be permanently denied. If a visitor refuses to leave the park voluntarily, police assistance may be sought.

The house rules set out the rules of conduct to be followed in the park and are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all visitors. Visitors should take the regulations seriously and abide by them to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the park.

Access to the park

The park reserves the right to change the opening period and opening hours of the park. Visitors are advised to consult the website before visiting the park to stay informed about any changes.

Additionally, it is not allowed to bring a backpack or bag into the park. Visitors are advised to only bring small personal items that fit in their pockets. There are lockers available where belongings can be stored during the visit.

If the park’s maximum capacity is exceeded, Sparkx reserves the right to deny entry to additional visitors on that day. In that case, non-admitted visitors cannot request compensation.

Visitors will be present in the park no later than 15 minutes before the start time indicated on the admission ticket. If the visitor arrives later than 15 minutes after the start time, the visitor is not entitled to additional minutes in the park, without any right to compensation or refund for the visitor.

Finally, except for guide dogs and assistance dogs with official dog coats, animals are not allowed in the park.


Sparkx insists on transparently informing parents or those responsible for children about the attractions that visitors can enter in the park. Not every attraction is suitable for all ages. Therefore, visitors and responsible individuals must always adhere to all safety measures and instructions at the attractions.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult v supervisor until the age of 16. In case of doubt, the showing of ID for age verification may be requested.

Children aged 13 and over can enter the park independently under the responsibility and supervision of a responsible adult supervisor.

For every group of 10 kids, at least one adult supervisor who is of legal age is required.

Questions about specific attractions can always be directed to the park staff.


Each visitor enters the park at their own risk. Visitors are required to assess their physical condition before entering the park, inform themselves about risks, and familiarize themselves with and adhere to the rules of use, access, safety regulations, and provisions. Sparkx reserves the right to prohibit individual visitors from accessing certain attractions for safety reasons, such as due to their size, physique, physical or mental limitations, permanent or temporary disabilities, pregnancy, etc. Sparkx has the right to prohibit individual visitors from entering certain attractions for safety reasons, for example due to their size, physique, physical or mental limitations, permanent or temporary disabilities, pregnancy, Sparkx disclaims any liability in case of incompatibility between the attractions and the visitor’s medical condition. Visitors who enter attractions contrary to their health condition (pregnant women, people recently hospitalized, asthmatics, epileptics, …) or the safety instructions always do so at their own risk.

Entry by a minor to the park or an attraction is done at the minor’s own risk on the one hand and the parents or responsible adult supervisor on the other hand, who are responsible for supervising the minor and the minor’s compliance with the regulations. It is the sole decision and appreciation of the parent or responsible adult to allow the minor to enter the park or attractions.

Only the visitor, and / or, if applicable, their parent or responsible adult, is liable for any damage caused by their acts or omissions to persons or property, and will indemnify and hold Sparkx harmless from any third party claims. By entering the park or attraction, the visitor and / or, where appropriate, their parent or responsible adult accepts the potential risks associated with the park and / or attraction.

Each visitor remains throughout the visit to the park (including when entering the attractions) responsible for its own goods brought to the park, including but not limited to glasses, cap / hat, shoes, cell phone or smartphone, baby carriage, … Sparkx can under no circumstances be held responsible for any damage and / or loss of these goods.

Sparkx is not liable for loss, theft or damage to objects in and around the park and / or an attraction. The use of lockers is under the responsibility and at the risk of the visitor and Sparkx is not responsible for disappearance, loss, theft or damage to objects.

In all cases, the obligation for compensation of Sparkx under any legal basis is limited to the amount paid by the insurer of Sparkx. IIf, despite the provisions of these regulations, for any reason Sparkx would still be held liable for a loss suffered by the visitor, which is not covered by insurance, the liability of Sparkx is limited to repairing foreseeable, direct and personal physical damage suffered by the visitor, excluding all unforeseeable and indirect damages such as, but not limited to, business loss, loss of income or profit, loss of customers or contracts, loss or damage to property.


Children under the age of 5 (0 – 4) may enter the park free of charge. From 5 years of age on, entrance is charged. If there is any doubt as to age, identification can always be requested to prove age. From 10 years of age everyone pays the adult rate.

The subscription is strictly personal and may not be passed on. f abuse is detected Sparkx reserves the right to withdraw the subscription without compensation.

Entry tickets sold will not be exchanged or taken back. Lost entry tickets will not be replaced. Complaints regarding tickets can be sent to:

Sparkx reserves the right to change individual park fees at any time.


In the entrance area of the park lockers are provided (free of charge) for leaving objects behind. The lockers should be emptied at the end of the day, otherwise they will be emptied by Sparkx staff

Sparkx is not responsible in case of theft or attempted burglary of the lockers.

It is forbidden to leave unattended items anywhere in the park . Suspicious packages left unattended will be removed by Sparkx and / or police services.

Public order, morals and safety

All visitors must behave with courtesy and decency, respect public order and not engage in any transgressive behavior. No one should feel disturbed by any visitor’s behavior, attitude or remarks.

Visitors are asked to wear non-offensive and appropriate (sports) clothing and footwear at Sparkx. Visitors must be identifiable at all times.

It is prohibited in Sparkx:

  • Smoking in the entire park. This general smoking ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.
  • To present oneself at the park entrance or be in the park under the influence of drink, drugs or other narcotics.
  • Bringing noisy music systems into the park;
  • Bringing or dealing in fireworks, weapons, knives and/or other explosive material into the park;
  • Bringing drugs or alcohol or narcotics of any kind into the park and/or consuming or dealing in the park, as well as presenting oneself at the park entrance or even attempting to incite others to use them;
  • Trading in the park;
  • Distribute or affix printed matter and similar bills, or conduct opinion polls without prior written permission from the park;
  • Misappropriating or damaging items owned by the park, park staff or other park visitors;
  • Harassing visitors and/or preventing park staff members from performing or harassing their jobs, as well as expressing aggression toward other visitors and/or park staff members;
  • Committing vandalism of any kind or engaging in gang activity, namely by behaving inappropriately and/or wantonly (not limitative) in groups, on the park grounds;
  • Holding meetings and/or making a speech, carrying out propaganda, collecting membership fees, holding fundraisers or offering items for free begging, bartering or sale on park grounds, without prior written permission from the park;
  • Entering service areas or service roads, even if they happen to be unlocked;
  • Using or carrying hand held (mobile) cameras or selfie sticks in the attractions. However, a GoPro camera is permitted subject to chest harness;
  • Exhibiting dangerous behavior for themselves and others;
  • Letting drones take off or land in the park, unless specific approval has been given;
  • This list is not exhaustive.

In all of the above-mentioned situations, the park manager will make a sovereign decision to have this person or persons removed and/or call the police for assistance. An administrative fee of at least €50 pp will have to be paid. There is no recourse against this.

Visitors are personally responsible for any damage caused by them through carelessness, error or negligence to other visitors and/or staff and/or to park facilities. Persons under supervision are under the exclusive responsibility of their supervisors. Sparkx can not be held responsible for damage caused by visitors.

Leaving the park

All visitors will leave the park at the latest at closing time, otherwise their presence is inadmissible and an administrative fee of minimum 50 euros per person will be payable.

Access to the attractions

Visitors must comply with the publicly posted instructions to each attraction, both in terms of access conditions, safety and practical organization. There is no recourse against this.

Certain attractions may require specific footwear to be worn (e.g. trampoline / ninja warrior). This will always be posted at the attraction itself.

For certain attractions it is strictly forbidden to bring loose objects of any kind (glasses, handbags, cell phones, scarves, selfie sticks, GoPro handsticks, cameras, not limited…) on the attraction. This will always be posted at the entrance to the attraction. Before entering the attraction, visitors are requested to leave these goods in the racks or bins provided at the attraction. The visitor remains responsible for these goods at all times. The park cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any damage to and/or loss of these goods. When in spite of the announcement of the ban on bringing loose objects on the attraction visitors still bring certain goods on the attraction, Sparkx can not be held responsible for any damage and / or loss of these goods.

Certain attractions may have weight, body size or age restrictions.

On attractions, visitors must behave as a prudent and reasonable person. If not, further action may be taken against this careless and/or unreasonable visitor in the event of damage.

Personnel appointed by the park shall direct and operate the attraction Visitors must follow the instructions given by the operator. Under certain circumstances, certain attractions may be closed (temporarily). This also applies in case of technical intervention and/or maintenance. The decision to (temporarily) close is made by Sparkx and there is no recourse against this. The closure of one or more attractions can in no case lead to a partial or full refund of the admission ticket.

On less busy days and/or at certain times the attractions are alternately opened or opened later or closed earlier. . The alternating opening or closing of attractions is indicated at the attraction. Under no circumstances can the alternating opening or closing of attractions earlier or later lead to a partial or full refund of the admission ticket.

The operator may decide to refuse someone access to the attraction if that visitor does not comply with the rules of these regulations. Specific rules apply to persons with disabilities and their attendants. These will soon be found in the “Guide for persons with disabilities and their companions”, available at reception or on the website..


Visitors are required to follow the clearly marked queues and wait their turn. In case of abuse, access to the park may be denied.

The entrances, exits and emergency exits of the park and the various attractions must never be obstructed. Prams/folding carts must be left in the places provided for this purpose or in 5 Versie april 2023 places that do not obstruct passage and are outside the attractions (including queues and waiting areas). Baby carriages may be removed for safety reasons.

Each visitor must leave the attraction at the end of the ride. If the visitor wishes to enjoy the attraction again, the visitor must rejoin the queues described above.

Smoking, using an electronic cigarette, eating and drinking are prohibited in all attractions and queues (both the indoor and outdoor ones).

The attraction queues are closed at the park closing time unless otherwise communicated at the attraction entrance.

Hygiene facilities

A number of designated toilets are located within Sparkx. It is forbidden to perform sanitary needs in places not provided for that purpose.

Childcare is allowed only in the clearly designated areas.

Throwing objects into the toilets is not permitted. Sanitary napkins, diapers, diaper tissues and the like must be deposited in the sanitary garbage cans.

Lost and Found

Each visitor is responsible for their own belongings. Lost property should always be deposited at the reception desk at the entrance to the park. Sparkx can not be held responsible for theft, damage or accident to or with the lost and found. Reports of lost and found, with an exact description of the item, can be sent by mail to the following

Lost items will be kept for a maximum of 1 month.

Food and Drink

A list of ingredients used and composition of dishes, with respect to allergens, can be requested in writing prior to the visit at

Meals and/or beverages sold will not be exchanged nor taken back. Once the meal and/or drink has been purchased, the purchaser renounces any discussion about it. In the event of a complaint about the meal, the visitor must immediately notify the person in charge of the park.

The park will designate staff responsible for the specific food or beverage establishment. Visitors must comply with the instructions given by the respective staff member.

It is prohibited to bring food packages and/or drink packages into the park or consume them within the catering area. Free water is available at all times, once past the entrance.


Anyone guilty of (attempted) theft will be permanently denied access to the park and will be expelled immediately. No recourse is possible in this regard. On top of the value of the stolen goods, an administrative fee of at least €50 will have to be paid. Sparkx reserves the right to file a complaint with the officially competent authorities and assert its rights on the stolen goods.

Fire or accident

In case of fire, accident, evacuation … the instructions of the park manager or the order services must be strictly followed without discussion.

In case of evacuation, re-entry into evacuated buildings/attractions is not allowed without the permission of the park’s designee.

All accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to the sports entertainers for registration, examination and, if necessary, treatment. Accidents and/or injuries not reported to the sports coordinator during the visit to the park will not be considered as having occurred in the park.

Processing of personal data

For all information regarding the processing of personal data of visitors to the park, please refer to the Sparkx privacy policy, available on its website. By creating a Sparkx account, the visitor is deemed to agree to the processing of personal data as described in the privacy policy.


Images are taken in the park by security cameras. he rights of use of this footage belong to the park, consequently this material can be used by Sparkx in accordance with applicable law and handed over to it at the request of the judicial authorities.

It is possible that during a visit to the park photographs are taken or recordings are made (with cameras other than the security cameras). In principle, these images will not be targeted. Targeted images will only be taken with the consent of the visitor in question. For underage visitors, the adult supervisor must grant this permission. For underage visitors, the accompanying adult must give this permission.

For more information regarding the processing of personal data in this context and the rights visitors can exercise in this regard, please refer to Sparkx’s privacy policy (see also““Processing of Personal Data”)”).