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Introduce Your Students to 50 Sports

Students- or children, youth, or adolescents – keeping them fascinated and active? Where better than at our futuristic location buzzing with sports and technology? Plan your sports day, school trip, or outing

At Sparkx, your students will discover their talents and perhaps even their new favorite sport.

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Sparkx: where sports, play, and excitement collide

Options for your next school trip or sports day

School Experience

Let your students explore 50 different sports?

  • From 100 students
  • Full-day program: – Free access to all attractions in the park + wellbeing workshop
  • For primary schools starting at €17.95 per student(excl. 6% btw)
  • For secondary schools starting at €19.95 per student (excl. 6% btw)
  • Available every Tuesday during the school year.

How does your day look like?

Students split into groups Each group alternately explores different zones in the park, where they freely try out our attractions and sports. A wellbeing moment is also part of your Sparkx day.

Did you know that at Sparkx, we also focus on key competencies of physical and mental health in education?

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Looking to organize a school trip or sports day? If our current package doesn’t quite fit your needs? Don’t worry! We’re happy to tailor a proposal to your preferences.

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