Terug naar overzicht Celebrate your best ball performances in the Neo stadium

Neo Stadion

  • Personen 1-24
  • Intensiteit actief
  • Interactiviteit gamified
  • Gameplay individueel, multiplayer, teamplayer

Kick off together

Welcome to the craziest stadium in the world. In the Neo stadium, everyone kicks off together. And we mean everyone. Young, old, experienced, or two left feet? This stadium brings out the craziest tricks of the ball sports trade. Seen grandma’s bicycle kick? Straight into the top corner!

Score with football, handball, and rugby

Agile and clever? Come along! To a stadium like you’ve never seen before. In diverse settings, blow off steam during a match of handball, football, or rugby. Score? Then your opponent’s goal gets smaller. Ball heroes, get ready for the unexpected!




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