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Sparkx arena

  • Personen 1-12
  • Intensiteit intensief
  • Interactiviteit analoog
  • Gameplay individueel, teamplay (tegelijkertijd)

The Most Exciting Group Sports

Form a powerhouse team and take on family, colleagues, or friends together. Go loco in the Sparkx Arena with the most exciting group sports: futsal, basketball, 3×3 basketball, handball, volleyball, and dodgeball. Hockey and soft volleyball available on request. The choice is yours!


State-of-the-Art Sports Cage

What makes sports at the Sparkx Arena so enjoyable? The small field makes everything extra thrilling as quick thinking is essential. The state-of-the-art sports cage sparks your imagination, and the markings automatically adjust to your chosen sport. Bonus points: you can adjust the heights of the basketball hoops, nets, and goals yourself, ensuring even your mini-me can slam dunk every time.



3x3 basketbal





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Sparkx, that's recharging your energy and having a blast. Everyone finds their thing here. Easy or challenging. Together or alone. Check out which activities will blow you away.

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