Terug naar overzicht Become a True Soccer Pro with the Footbot!


  • Personen 1-2
  • Intensiteit actief
  • Interactiviteit mixed reality, analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel en multiplayer

Play Like Lukaku and De Bruyne

Looking to refine your soccer skills? The Footbot is your new coach! Train like Lukaku and De Bruyne with balls flying continuously past your ears. The speed? You determine that yourself. Up to 150 kilometers per hour.

64 Goals to Score In

Challenge your friends to a duel. Dribble solo. Or practice scoring perfect penalties for your next match. The field is yours! The Footbot enhances your spatial orientation skills and takes your reaction speed and ball control to an unprecedented level. And here’s the kicker: you have not 1, but 64 goals to score in. Goal, goal, hat-trick!

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