Terug naar overzicht Glide Effortlessly Down Every Slope in the Snowboard Simulator


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  • Interactiviteit mixed reality, analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel

Green or Black Slope?

No time for a trip to the Alps? Or just eager to try snowboarding before hitting real snow? In Sparkx’s snowboard simulator, you’ll glide effortlessly down every slope. Green? Blue? Red? Or black? Bring it on!

Virtual Ski Resort at Sparkx

Experienced on the slopes? Or prefer practicing your first turns? At Sparkx’s virtual ski resort, you’ll satisfy all your winter sports cravings. The snowboard simulator is the ideal training tool to perfect your high-speed carving or downhill skills. So, on your next ski trip, you’ll fly past everyone on the slopes. Schuss!

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