Terug naar overzicht Fun and Sport with Japanese Dodgeball Hado


  • Personen 1-6
  • Intensiteit actief
  • Interactiviteit augmented reality
  • Gameplay teamplay

Dodging, Catching, and Evading

Dodgeball? Trying to tag your opponent with a ball and then dodge at the right moment. Forget this childish game! From now on, we’re into Hado, the real deal Japanese dodgeball.

E-Sport of the Future?

Japan is far ahead for just a fun evening. But hey, we’re serving Asian e-sport right here. Team chosen? Because three versus three means giving it your all to clinch that Hado title. The right skills: sharp aim, masterful throws, and effortlessly choosing the right strategy. A blissful moment for young, old, and, uh, slightly older. Go Hado!

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