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  • Personen 1-3
  • Intensiteit intensief
  • Interactiviteit mixed reality, analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel en multiplayer

Always Hooked!

Hours spent without seeing a single fish up close? No way. Cast your line in Sparkx’s simulation fishing pond. Because here, you’re always hooked!

Perfect Your Fishing Skills

Three AI simulators present you with different scaled friends each time. Which fish will you catch? You decide. Let the little ones catch a small 2-kilo fish. Or hook a whopper yourself weighing 40 kilos.

This attraction is suitable for both the smallest and professional anglers looking to perfect their fishing skills. A bonus: this fishing sport is animal-friendly.

Join the Sparkx-club!

Sparkx, that's recharging your energy and having a blast. Everyone finds their thing here. Easy or challenging. Together or alone. Check out which activities will blow you away.

Wheelchair users

Niet geschikt voor rolstoelgebruikers

Pregnant women

Toegankelijk, maar enkel rechtopstaand en een vis van max 30 pound


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