Terug naar overzicht Soar through Sparkx Park with E-Ziplining


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  • Gameplay individueel
* E-zipline

Explore Sparkx from a Bird's Eye View

Looking for adventure? Zip through Sparkx at lightning speed with E-Ziplining. Accelerate through every turn and crush the high score. Prefer a leisurely pace? Dangle peacefully through the park at 4 meters high. The perfect way to discover our attractions.


Ready for take-off!

The flight speed? You control it. You’re the pilot. Experience the same rush as in a glider thanks to the motorized drive. You’ve never flown through an amusement park like this before. Ready for the thrill?


Join the Sparkx-club!

Sparkx, that's recharging your energy and having a blast. Everyone finds their thing here. Easy or challenging. Together or alone. Check out which activities will blow you away.

Wheelchair users

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Pregnant women

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