Terug naar overzicht Catch Your Breath with Dartse


  • Personen 1-6 per bord (2 borden)
  • Intensiteit actief
  • Interactiviteit mixed reality, analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel en multiplayer

Ideal Aperitif Activity

Chucker, Dinky-Doo, Happy Mail, and Puddingleg. Do these terms sound unfamiliar? Not for long. The traditional pub sport of darts has received a substantial update and is back in vogue. Catch your breath with Dartsee, the new generation of darts featuring computer vision technology. Ideal activity during aperitif? Check.

Hit the Bullseye

Imagine yourself as Dancing Dimi and aim all those darts straight for the bullseye. Not quite a top talent? No problem. With pre-programmed games, you can adjust the skill level for each player. And the best part? The software reacts to your performance with amusing GIFs. Let the dart games begin!

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