Terug naar overzicht Sprint away with indoor road cycling


  • Personen 1-5
  • Intensiteit actief tot zeer intensief
  • Interactiviteit analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel, teamplay (tegelijkertijd)

Gear up your calves!

Competing for the yellow jersey? Conquering Mont Ventoux? Or proving in a time trial that you’re the Van Aert among your friends? Gear up your calves and pedal away on the Skillbike™.

Indoor racing bike with gears

Out with the traditional stationary bike! Real top cyclists contributed to the Skillbike™. The result? The authentic experience of outdoor rides, but indoors. Skillbike™ is the first indoor racing bike with gears. Perfect for training your strength, endurance, speed, and precision. Will you become Sparkx’s new Flandrien?

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Wheelchair users

Niet geschikt voor rolstoelgebruikers

Pregnant women



Tot 160 kilogram


Vanaf 1,50 meter