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Core stability

  • Personen 1-4
  • Intensiteit zeer intensief
  • Interactiviteit virtual reality
  • Gameplay individueel en multiplayer

Indestructible Core Stability

Move like a beast without injuries? Then you need one thing: a solid dose of core stability. Dive into action with your new best friend, Mister Icaros. This fitness device delivers a powerful punch to your arms, legs, and core muscles. Experience a lifelike workout with a VR headset.


Icarace Challenges Your Demons

For this intense game, you’d better put on that breathable sports shirt. Because you will sweat! The fitness device, also used in professional physiotherapy practices, swings you shamelessly in all directions and pushes your limits to the extreme. Your task? Brace yourself and give unprecedented resistance. Today, you reign supreme in the fitness universe. And afterward? Take those concrete muscles home with you.


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