Terug naar overzicht Unleash Your Inner Alpinist with Biathlon


  • Personen 1-2
  • Intensiteit zeer intensief
  • Interactiviteit analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel, teamplay (tegelijkertijd)

Cross-Country Skiing for Cowboys

Have you heard of biathlon? This Olympic winter sport combines cross-country skiing and shooting for double the fun. The goal? To be the first to complete a cross-country skiing course and hit as many targets as possible with your rifle along the way. Howdy! Or should we say, snowdy!

train your alpinist skills

No need to lug around skis because the SkiErg fitness machine simulates every cross-country movement. You’ll train both your precision and endurance. Want to improve your technique? Or just have fun as a beginner in a friendly competition? It’s all possible. Unleash the mountaineer in you.

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