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Batting cage

  • Personen 1-5
  • Intensiteit actief
  • Interactiviteit mixed reality, analoog met gamification
  • Gameplay individueel en multiplayer

Hit hard with tennis and baseball, cricket and lacrosse

Hit the swing of your life. And with these masterful skills: focus, precision, and at the right moment … hit hard.

Powerhouse? Or are you going for elegant technique?

In the batting cage, combine concentration and relaxation. Bring your friends and family. Young and old.

Who takes home the trophy?

For the batting cage, you better be well-rested. Because here comes that ball. And you have to hit it at that crucial moment. On offer: baseball, cricket, tennis, and lacrosse. Are we imagining ourselves as today’s star of Roland Garros or taking that pitcher on the baseball court? You bet!





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